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Concert review:

I had the pleasure of seeing Missy last night (July 11) at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The show was awesome. Missy is really charismatic in person and she's got one of the strongest and purest singing voices I've ever heard live. There was so much energy in the room from Missy and her band, and she is one of those rare artists who sounds exactly like her produced CD materials if not better because of the live atmosphere. I was very impressed.

I managed to snag a setlist because I am awesome like that (that and the fact I was there like 45 minutes before anyone else showed up so I was front row -- sitting on a huge beanbag no less!):

Don't Ever ~ Angela ~ 10 Days ~ Dusty Road ~ Going North ~ This Is How It Goes ~ Where I Stood ~ Any Day Now ~ The Battle ~ Run So Fast ~ 100 Round The Bends ~ Warm Whispers ~ Peachy ~ Special Two ~ Steer

It was pretty cool by the end of the show everyone was standing up by the stage, even though it was a seated venue. I thought that was a novel touch. Missy and the band engaged everyone so much they felt the need to come closer. Missy's in-show stories were pretty funny. She thought the fact the venue had 4 huge beanbags in the front row was awesome, she said she was tempted to do a rockstar leap onto one of them. I volunteered mine, but alas Missy did not take me up on it.

Also, she enjoys rock-climbing, and since the venue is a 4-story building built in 1882 with a gymnasium with a rock climbing wall on the basement floor, Missy said she spent a good majority of her afternoon climbing the wall.

I didn't really stay around too much after the show but I'm sure she probably came out to meet the people milling around. I left after about a half hour. I'd definitely see her again!

I didn't use the flash because I was so close, it would have been kind of lame. The picture didn't turn out great, but eh.
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