does anyone have Breakdown by Missy and Brett Dennen

i live in the US so i can't buy missy higgins songs from her album more than this ep that came out at the end of march
so i was wondering if anyone had it could send me the song BREAKDOWN by her and BRETT DENNEN b/c i love it and it's amaaazing. so if someone got it somewhere and would be willing to send it to be i would be so appreciative!

thank you so much.

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Please help!

My husband and I recently listened to "The Sound of White" and "On A Clear Night" and we recognized songs but can't figure out where we'd heard them. Internet searches haven't been helpful so I was hoping someone might know.

I've heard "The Sound of White", but didn't know who sang it when I heard it. Does anyone know if it was featured in a movie or a television show?

My husband swears that "Sugarcane" is on our computer and that I'm the one who put it in, probably from a movie soundtrack, but I don't recognize it. Has it been used in a movie?

Thank you so much for any help you can give me!
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Hi guys!

So, I own both of Missy's albums (\o/), but I'm having a heck of a time tracking down her singles/EPs/B-sides and such. The songs I KNOW for sure I'm missing are:

Drop the Mirror
You Just Like Me 'Cause I'm Good in Bed
Dusty Road
Leave a Note
Greed for Your Love
The Cactus That Found the Beat

If anyone could point me in a direction towards any of these, that would be very very helpful. My email is honooko [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!
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Was going through my backup CD's from 2006 and found a whole
bunch of Missy pics that I saved a long time ago.

So I figured I'd post some that I thought you guys might not already have.
(Oh I'm so nice to you new fans lol)

There are LOTS of pics here so if you have dial up..

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