sara with no h. (paperback) wrote in missy_higgins,
sara with no h.

questions about Missy tickets!

Hey, I hope this post isn't too out of place.

I purchased a pair of tickets to see Missy Higgins at Webster Hall on 7/31. They were a gift to my little sister for her 15th birthday. She was really excited, only to find out today that Webster Hall has listed the concert as a 16+ show. I should have checked with the venue first, but I bought the tickets through Ticketmaster, and Ticketmaster does not indicate that there is an age restriction for the show. So it appears that we have two tickets we won't be able to use.

I just sent an e-mail to Webster Hall asking if the age limit is absolutely final and does it make a difference that I'm 21 and accompanying her. Obviously I won't know anything for certain until I hear back from them.

Cutting to the chase, if it turns out we won't be able to use the tickets, where would be a good place to donate or sell them? Or do you think I could guilt Ticketmaster into refunding them somehow because they forgot to mention the age restriction? Any other ideas?
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