friending meme!

I have realized that only a few people on my flist are Missy Higgins fans, and that seriously needs to change. I'm pretty new to the Missy Higgins fandom, but it seems pretty quiet. I hate making "introduction" posts, so I thought it might be fun to do a friending meme for Missy! :).

How you discovered Missy:
Your favorite song of hers, and why:
Other fandoms:
Tell one random fact about you:
true blood - eric hello sweetheart

afterellen interview

Now halfway through her American tour, openly bisexual Australian singer-songwriter Missy Higgins is selling out venues. Her new album, On a Clear Night, has become a top album on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, where it peaked at 29, and her single "Where I Stood" was featured last fall on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

Higgins remains somewhat under the radar in the United States, but she's been well-known in her home down under since she was 18. She has released three full-length albums and won several ARIAS (the Australian equivalent to Grammys), which led her to sign a major label deal with Warner Brothers.

Whether you heard about her through that Grey's Anatomy episode or you read about her coming out last year as "not so straight" in the Australian lesbian magazine Cherie, Higgins deserves your attention. She recently talked with about coming out, moving to the West Coast, and her song "Secret," that references a same-sex relationship.

 Read the full interview:

sufjan knit


Hey guys!

I was just wondering if anyone had extra tickets or knew of a place where I could get tickets for Missy's sold out show on the 12th at the Bowery Ballroom! I really don't want to miss out on seeing her perform!

Eiffel Tower

Songs not on the albums?

Hi everyone!

I've only just joined this community. I love Missy's music and have her albums The Sound of White and On a Clear Night. I'm wondering if anybody here has any other songs she may have recorded which don't appear on the albums and, if so, whether you would be willing to upload them for me (e.g. onto yousendit) or otherwise email them to me (
I would be so grateful.
Thanks in advance and take care,
Tegan Quin

Missy Pics

listen up chickens!
I'm willing to send a whole stack of Missy
pics to anyone who wants them.
they're random ones. old and new.
if you want them, supply me with your
email and I will send them to you.

over and out